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 Point A--> Point B

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PostSubject: Point A--> Point B   Point A--> Point B EmptySat Jan 03, 2015 11:26 pm

A small house full of useless stuff; an abode of thing that the girl no longer wanted or needed. She stood in the doorway of the house, the door wide open as she placed her hands on her hips and inspected the household items and belongings for the last time. Both of her weapons rested comfortably against her back, the chain of Chastity attached to the hilt of Wrath and rested against her shoulder to ensure she could easily grab either weapon if need be. Her unnaturally white eyes inspected the house that had so many memories in it, none too pleasant in the last while since she had taken up residence as a Boufuugakure shinobi. It was a lonely house that suited her needs for living only; now it was time for her to move on and find a new home. Hopefully one that would be more friendly than her quiet home in Boufuugakure.

Well, might as well get going before Delilah catches up to me. She spoke aloud as she thought about the other Xanadu girl she had met recently; Vex wanted to bring all of the Xandu clan members together under one village- but it was apparent that Delilah was not yet ready to leave her village. So the older Xanadu girl had decided to leave her behind and let the young Delilah grow a bit more in Boufuugakure while Vex went to the road and found a new place to call her own.

She wasn't too cure yet where that may be, but she was confident that she could adapt and fit in just about anywhere... being happy on the other hand, well- that was always challenging. She hadn't truly been happy since the death of her father; her father that she had murdered with her own two hands. It had been sheer bliss to run with him on his rampaging moments as he slaughtered small helpless villages and drowned the ground in their corpses. Vex had been a simple child then, cold and murderous, enjoying the simple violence that brought her close to her father.

Now that he was dead at her own hands and his weapons on her back- his legacy passed on to her- she stepped out of the house and closed the door and placed the key under the "welcome" mat in front of the door. Someone else would find the house key and eventually realize it was vacant, a free place to live. Vex hated the house anyways and never understood why she kept the "welcome" mat; she hated visitors. Her only hoped that some needy woman would occupy her residence, she had left a lot of her old clothes in there and only took the bare essentials with her. She greatly disliked the idea of some perverted man finding her lingerie; she would much prefer a young woman with a gifted body would find her stuff and make good use of it.

Now with that door shut in her life, she turned to the road and waited for another door to open- in this case it was the gates of Boufuugakure as she left the village without any kind of explanation. She sighed in distress as the gates closed behind her: she was abandoning this village, sooner or later- or maybe never, someone from Boufuugakure would come seeking her. Vex thought how ironic it would be, if Delilah was the one sent to seek her out... how interesting things would be. The Xanadu girl couldn't help but smile to herself, that would most certainly be a worthy battle that she looked forward to. A large part of her hoped that would happen, but another part of her regretted it- whatever the outcome to that fight would be... one of them would lose something valuable: whether it be a friend, a village or their very life.

It was barely light outside, very early morning and the sun would soon be rising against her back Let's try the Death Country... it sounds interesting. I'm sure Tsukigakure has some talented shinobi to fight... She thought as she grinned wide to herself and took off at a healthy controlled pace; eager to distance herself from Boufuugakure before the village realized she had abandoned it for her own pursuits and desires. Would be go unchallenged or would the village attempt to reclaim her? She wasn't originally from Boufuugakure anyways; in fact, her and her father had been a small terror to the lands around Boufuugakure... surely they would be glad to be rid of her?

Word count- 760
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PostSubject: Re: Point A--> Point B   Point A--> Point B EmptyFri Jan 30, 2015 7:47 pm

One of Vex's adventurs. She had planned to go to the several main villages and search for her clan members- this adventure was no different. Tsuki was one such destination, but this travel would take her several more days and this time to another village, a village known as Shippuugakure. Shpiiuugakure, the hurricane village- a pleasant name, perfectly destructive and unpredictable, just like herself. She grinned, Death Country had a nice ring to it, but so did the Hurricane village; she could only imagine, which would be more disastrous; her or the village?

With a well-stocked supply of light foots and simple sleepwear, she set off from where she was and headed in the general direction of one of the major cities. She traveled at a light pace, eager to get there but not foolish to tire herself out or make herself weak from fast travel and become susceptible to bandits or worse. There was a proverb, not that she was a sagacious person,but its meaning proved true in most things, most things that she disregarded anyway. Always rushing headfirst into danger.

It would take her days to reach Shippuugakure regardless an didn't feel like tiring herself out and welcoming uninvited violence, especially when she couldn't respond in kind. The proverb was simple, Slow and steady wins the race... she said half-heartedly, dreading the days of lonely voyage across wild lands, secretly hoping she would run across a few wild beasts to give her a little danger and excitement.

Hahaha! I can't wait! So many boring days or perpetual torment for my dear Vexy!~ the spirit Wrath chimed in half-sweet and the other half devious and teasingly. Vex rolled her eyes in an exasperated manor, emphasizing and exaggerating greatly with a sigh. Of course her trips would never be lonely, not with an obnoxious spirit following her around, stalking her and teasing her relentlessly.
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Point A--> Point B

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