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 Kenta flies off to Kusa! [Tsuki - Kusa]

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Kenta Saitama
Kenta Saitama
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Kenta flies off to Kusa! [Tsuki - Kusa] Left_bar_bleue100/100Kenta flies off to Kusa! [Tsuki - Kusa] Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)

Kenta flies off to Kusa! [Tsuki - Kusa] Empty
PostSubject: Kenta flies off to Kusa! [Tsuki - Kusa]   Kenta flies off to Kusa! [Tsuki - Kusa] EmptyTue Apr 30, 2013 11:58 pm

Nyeh, Tsukigakure was INCREDIBLY boring all of a sudden. Little children ignored him when THEY waddled on up and annoyed him, this remark thrown in the direction of a certain Yui of Tsuki. Urgh. He had no real reason to stay in this crummy place any longer...so he might as well travel on over to a village he had one been to, a village where old memories stirred around in the air, just floating around with no real weight. The memories of the old Kenta Saitama, the sane and righteous Kenta was now locked away, deep inside an abyss of darkness, forever to be engulfed by flames of hate and insanity. The very thought of going back to his old self, only made Kenta giggle in delight as he began to roll out the village. Literally, he rolled out the village in a log-like posture, giggling as he began to bump and flop his way down the path, heading down a small hill before crashing into a wagon, his side cracking off the wooden wheel as he let out a small groan of pain before exhaling a small little ghost, his body growing limp. Mother of god...

Eventually pulling himself together, he got up, cracking his sides, before looking around. The pain still being there, Kenta simply waddled on over to the front of the wagon, an elderly man sitting there...just reading a newspaper...ew! The first thing Kenta thought was paper cuts...those bastards hurt like a bitch! Anyone, no matter of rank, would agree that a paper cut is humans worst enemy! Oh yes, a cut from that bitch would be enough to send a grown man crying, sending him home in a bundle of humiliation. As he approached the man, Kenta placed a couple of hundred Ryo next to the mans side, asking him to take him to Kusa. If he wasn't a traveling merchant thingie, he was going to be now. Granted, Kenta had no idea who this man was or what he looked like, he only deduced he was old due to his lifestream being slightly lower than most people he had seen. Nyeh, it didn't matter, he was going to croak it soon enough. The man simply let out a gasp before agreeing to take him to his destination, snatching the money up quicker than Kenta had put it down...greedy fudd.

Getting aboard the wagon, eventually having found his way on to the back of it, Kenta neatly sat himself on the wooden seats provided inside the wagon itself, tightening his headband over his eyes while feeling the surface of his former village's headband...Ah Shippu...Yeah, he might miss the times he had with the people, having everyone's trust and whatnot but all that had changed now since he had joined a group of strong ninja...known as the Ourabouros...which, come to think of it, how did he manage to join the group again? He wasn't entirely sure how exactly he had joined the group. Maybe he was drunk or maybe he was visited in the night by a...strong...tall...man...with a....
Kenta simply began to drool as images began to flow through his mind, soon falling asleep. And as soon as he fell asleep, he fell forward and his face soon met the oak floorboards of the wagon, a loud thud resonating through the air...and not too long later, which was actually almost a complete day, Kenta arrived in Kusa...wondering what surprises awaited him.
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Kenta flies off to Kusa! [Tsuki - Kusa]

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